A massive apology!

Catmystery1 3D

If you own the first edition of A Hiss-tory of Magic, I want to apologize for the editing. It went through an edit from a friend and I thought it was enough, but when a couple of reviews pointed out there were more errors, I sent it out last month for a copyedit and proofreading package. When I got the edited book back, I was so embarrassed by all the mistakes in the book.

While I took care in creating a beautiful product in regards to the cover and the interior paperback and ebook design, I should’ve spent more time on the editing. Paying for editing is not cheap, but I’ll never skimp on it again! It’s worth the money for readers to have a smooth read.

So if you own an old version of the ebook, update to the newest version of the book. If you don’t know how to do this, you can always email me, or even Amazon.

If you bought the old paperback, email me and I will send you a new version of the paperback.

Contact me through my online form here.

Again, a massive apology! If you haven’t read A Hiss-tory of Magic yet, rest assured, the edited version has already been out for a few weeks.

Books from major publishers usually go through several rounds of edits – around five, I believe. I’m an indie writer, and my books will go through 1 professional line edit and 1 professional proofread. I don’t have a whole team behind me, so even after two edits, there are still bound to be small mistakes here and there, even after the edits. After all, books from major editors contain errors all the time.

I will try my best to give you the cleanest possible read. All my other books have been edited professionally as well, just FYI. If you do happen to catch any errors here and there, please please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!


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