Opera Cake Murder, Book 8 of the Patisserie Mysteries + author updates

OperaCakeMurderI just finished the editing the final draft of Opera Caker Murder. It’s with an editor now. Phew!

The book is already available for pre-order on Amazon. Since I finished it a little bit early, as as soon as the editor and proofreader are finished with it, I will release it across all the e-book retailers. That means you’ll probably get it before the release date of May 21!

After reading some of the reviews for book 1 of The Wonder Cats Mysteries, I realized that some readers need some clarity on some of the magic in the book. I’m going to go over A Hiss-tory of Magic starting tomorrow for a rewrite. I’ll work with my editor line by line after that so that I can republish a new and improved version of the book hopefully before the start of the summer.

Book 2, Pawsitively Dead is also available for pre-order now on Amazon. With Opera Cake Murder finished, I get to go back to finishing this book. Fingers crossed that I will finish it in time!


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