Author Update – New Books Coming Soon!

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Hi guys,

I’m making progress with book 10 of the Patisserie Mysteries. It’s the final book of the series, and I will wrap everything up with the wedding. The book is not finished yet, but expect the release date to be in the summer. After that, I will be moving on to a new series or two.

The Cape Bay Cafe Series and The Wonder Cats Mysteries are still ongoing. I know some of you were left stunned by the end of The Scariest Tail, but Book 5 is with the editor now. It’ll be called A Purr-fect Getaway. The Greenstone women leave for a spa weekend (so sadly, the cats play less in this mystery), but the hotel they go to is more than just haunted.

Book 4 of The Cape Bay Cafe Mystery is also coming out, most likely in the summer too, so please be patient! 🙂

I’m putting together some ideas for a brand new series. I’ve had a few series ideas before, so now it is a matter of deciding on one. Hope you guys are excited!

Killer-Confections-2-PlayIf you can’t wait for my new books, check out Killer Confections 2, a boxset full of great cozy mystery authors. My first Cape Bay Cafe Mystery is in there too, but if you’ve read it already, there are 7 other cozy mysteries to check out.

This anthology is geared for foodies, so be sure to check it out if you have a sweet tooth.

Get in on: Amazon US |Amazon UK | Amazon Canada | Apple iTunes | Kobo | Nook |

Happy spring reading!



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