Book 4 of Secret Agent Granny released

Granny-Bares-It-All-KindleI’m so excited to announce that book 4 of the Secret Agent Granny series is now available everywhere.

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Ex-CIA agent Barbara Gold witnesses a woman being struck down by a car in broad daylight. It was no hit and run but plain, cold-blooded murder.

After some sleuthing, Barbara discovers the strangest fact yet about sleepy Cheerville, New England: there’s a nudist colony on the edge of town, and the victim was an active member. Barbara must go on the hardest mission of her career—bare her 70-year-old body for all to see—in order to solve another bizarre murder mystery.

A senior discussing her naked body is not something I read or hear about often, so I hope you enjoy this humorous yet heartfelt take on an older woman’s feelings and attitude about her body.

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Should we produce an audiobook for this book as well?


Cape Bay Cafe Mysteries now available as Audiobooks

Cape Bay Cafe AudiobooksGood news for those who love listening to audiobooks on commutes: the Cape Bay Cafe Mystery books are available as audiobooks! So if you use Audible, Apple, Kobo, or any other audiobook account,  you can download the audiobooks there.

Audio CDs for books 1-4 are available, but Tantor Media decided to keep it to only Audiobooks from book 5 on.

Check out the links on my Cape Bay Cafe series page. Just click on the “audiobook” link under each book. 

Audiobooks are also in the works for other series! Let me know which other series you’d want to hear first.

An Early Christmas

I know we’re just getting into September, but I’m happy to announce that the new, Christmas-themed Cape Bay Cafe mystery is now available everywhere. I love Christmas—spending time with family, drinking eggnog, and exchanging presents. Can’t blame me for wanting the holiday to come early!

Cremas, Christmas, and Crooks includes 3 recipes for Christmas cookies and crema, an espresso-based drink. Read the synopsis below:

Cremas coverIt’s almost Christmastime in Cape Bay, and another murder has everyone in town talking. A despised new drama teacher at the local high school is killed in the school’s parking lot. The police arrest a beloved teacher, Mrs. Crowsdale, but everyone else thinks she is too nice to murder anyone. Mike, however, says they have solid evidence that proves she did it. 

Sammy is particularly devastated. Mrs. Crowsdale was her favorite teacher and still her hero. Sammy begs Fran to find the real culprit. Fran isn’t so sure. Mike would be angry with her for butting in on another case. And what if more danger befalls her? After all, there are some pretty dangerous people in town…

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New Series & New Wonder Cats Book!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Forgive me because I’m juggling quite a few tasks at the moment! What you really need to know are which new books are out.

GrannyGunI’m very excited about my new series, Secret Agent Granny! I know many amazing, beautiful, talented, funny, accomplished older women, and they deserve to be stars of their own stories. My protagonist, Barbara Gold, is an retired CIA agent. She’s bored out of her skull in Cheerville, the quaint New England town where her son and his family live. She feels life ticking away—until a man is poisoned dead during a book club meeting for seniors, and suddenly her old super agent trainings are of use again.

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For all you Wonder Cats Mystery fans, the 6th novel is available for pre-order. It’ll be released on July 4th, in time for your summer vacation reading. Un-fur-tunate Murders tells another creepy tale in the mysterious town of Wonder Falls.

Un-fur-tunate-Murders-KindleIn the farmlands, the police find the body of a local named Archie Jones. People jump from “Suicide Bridge” fairly frequently, but the Greenstone witches think something is peculiar about Archie’s death. With no marks on his body and horse tranquilizer in his system, they suspect murder.

When Cath, Bea, and Aunt Astrid visit the farm, however, they discover something more twisted and sinister than plain old human murderers…

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I’m also exited to release new releases in the Pink Cupcake and Cape Bay Cafe mysteries! Not to mention the second book in the Secret Agent Granny series. More summer reading coming your way! Stay tuned.

A Deadly Bridal Shower, Book 2 of the Pink Cupcake Mysteries, is now out!

Hey everyone,

The second novella in The Pink Cupcake Mysteries is now available everywhere. This is a fun one. One of my readers called this book a hip cozy mystery. I didn’t realize my books were hip, but I’ll take it as a big compliment!

a-deadly-bridal-shower-kindleAmelia gets her first catering job at a police officer’s bridal shower in conjunction with a hip restaurant called the Twisted Spoke. When Dana the waitress gets her throat slit in the restroom, suspects are difficult to narrow down. Dana has stolen many boyfriends and husbands, and she makes enemies everywhere she goes with her bad-girl shenanigans.

Amelia and Detective Dan have different ideas on who could have done it. Could any of the police officers at the party be involved? The jilted girlfriend whose boyfriend Dana stole? An angry coworker? Practically everyone is a suspect.

Can Amelia pull off her first catering job… and solve another murder?

Buy now, available everywhere:

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New series! The Pink Cupcake Mysteries + Author Updates

sweetsstabbingcoverYou might have heard about my new series already, The Pink Cupcake Mysteries, about a cupcake truck owner. The first book, Sweets and a Stabbing, is already out! The book includes 2 recipes that Amelia makes in the story.

Like many of you, I love cupcakes. I was at a wedding recently, and the gift for the guests were cupcakes. Unfortunately, I forgot to take mine home! I was a bit upset, but it was probably better for my waistline in the long run.

The protagonist of the story, Amelia Harley, has been a housewife for most of her adult life. After her husband leaves her for a younger woman (typical story!), she decides to pursue her dream of being a baker.

It’s set in the fictional small town of Gary, Oregon. I’ve never been to Portland, but I would really like to. It seems like a fun, quirky city, and I heard their food truck scene is big. Portland’s my inspiration for Gary, although Gary is still a small town, so locals are eager to spread gossip, making it a bit easier for Amelia to solve her cases.

I love feisty, independent women, and that’s who I like to tell stories about. My advanced readers are already telling me that the character is really hitting home for them. Well, the first book is only the beginning! You can buy it everywhere:

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Lattes-Ladyfingers-and-Lies-KindleIf you haven’t grabbed the 4th book in the Cape Bay Cafe Mysteries, you won’t be disappointed. Lattes, Ladyfingers, and Lies came out this summer, and it was a long-awaited book to the popular series. This is also a fun book, with plenty of great characters.

Living in a small beach town is a fantasy for me, as I’m sure it is for many of you too! If I ran a cafe, I’d want it to be like Fran’s. Although The Greenstone’s Brew Ha Ha is also amazing. And of course, there is Clémence’s fancy family patisserie with their decadent French desserts—never mind, I can’t choose!

Anyway, in this book, Fran is anticipating her trip to Italy with Matty… until a precious diamond ring is stolen from the town’s jewelry store and an employee is murdered. Fran suspects the storeowner of insurance fraud, but what if she’s wrong? Would her life be at stake again if she butts in on another police investigation? Find out in Book 4. It’s available everywhere:

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Lastly, if you’re wondering what’s going on with Book 10 of the Patisserie Mysteries, a third of it was written, until I decided I wanted something better for the gang. Now I’m starting from scratch! Sorry for the delay. It is the last book after all, with some crossover characters (if you don’t know who, I won’t ruin the surprise!), so I wanted to give them the best send off!

If you’re sad that this is the last book, don’t be. The Pink Cupcake Mysteries is a fun new series to keep you entertained, and there will still be new books out in The Cape Bay Cafe Mysteries and The Wonder Cats Mysteries.

Happy reading!



Purr-Rect Getaway now out!

PurrfectGetawayPurr-fect Getaway, book 5 of the Wonder Cats Mysteries is now available everywhere. 

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Thanks for the wait, everyone. I know you’re all in suspense after a little cliffhanger from book 4, but here it is! Special thanks to my Review Crew for your help.

Not only is Cath heartbroken by Blake, she’s depleted and depressed from saving his life from demonic forces. Bea and Aunt Astrid “kidnap” her to go on a spa weekend outside of Wonder Falls, leaving the cats at home with Jake.

But the Muskox Spa is not the relaxing retreat they envisioned. Ghosts are the least of their worries, however. When two sisters are found dead at the spa, the police arrive, and another strange investigation begins for the Greenstone women.

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Author Update – New Books Coming Soon!

DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace1 11.45.06 AM.jpg

Hi guys,

I’m making progress with book 10 of the Patisserie Mysteries. It’s the final book of the series, and I will wrap everything up with the wedding. The book is not finished yet, but expect the release date to be in the summer. After that, I will be moving on to a new series or two.

The Cape Bay Cafe Series and The Wonder Cats Mysteries are still ongoing. I know some of you were left stunned by the end of The Scariest Tail, but Book 5 is with the editor now. It’ll be called A Purr-fect Getaway. The Greenstone women leave for a spa weekend (so sadly, the cats play less in this mystery), but the hotel they go to is more than just haunted.

Book 4 of The Cape Bay Cafe Mystery is also coming out, most likely in the summer too, so please be patient! 🙂

I’m putting together some ideas for a brand new series. I’ve had a few series ideas before, so now it is a matter of deciding on one. Hope you guys are excited!

Killer-Confections-2-PlayIf you can’t wait for my new books, check out Killer Confections 2, a boxset full of great cozy mystery authors. My first Cape Bay Cafe Mystery is in there too, but if you’ve read it already, there are 7 other cozy mysteries to check out.

This anthology is geared for foodies, so be sure to check it out if you have a sweet tooth.

Get in on: Amazon US |Amazon UK | Amazon Canada | Apple iTunes | Kobo | Nook |

Happy spring reading!


Book 3 of The Cape Bay Cafe Mysteries: Margaritas, Marzipan, and Murder now out!

Good news for Cape Bay Cafe readers—book 3 of the series is now available everywhere. Cape Bay is such a fun town to explore. I personally wish I live by the beach!

Marzipan (3)Margaritas, Marzipan, and Murder

Includes special marzipan and margarita recipes

Summer tourist season is winding down, but the Cape Bay police find a dead body in the alley beside Mary Ellen’s Souvenirs and Gifts. Police rule it a suicide, but Francesca Amaro knows it’s murder. Who would buy a bag of souvenirs, including a box of delicious marzipan, only to commit suicide moments later?

Even though the police tell her to stay out of the case, Fran is too curious not to investigate, even though she’s running a busy and popular café.

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New Multi-author Bundle! Killer Magic: 8 Tales of Mystery and the Paranormal

killermagic5a FINAL copyI teamed up with 7 other very talented mystery writers to give you the book bundle, Killer Magic! Pawsitively Dead, the 2nd book in my Wonder Cats mystery series is part of this bundle.

Escape with KILLER MAGIC to a world where anything can happen. Eight bestselling and award-winning authors take you to lands of spell-bound mystery and romance, fantasy and the paranormal. Ghosts, magical cats, time-travelers, witches, legends brought to life, and paranormal investigators fill these enchanted pages. New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Angie Fox, Carole Nelson Douglas, Carolyn Haines, Joanne Pence, Connie Shelton, Harper Lin, Pamela DuMond and Denise Dietz present seven full-length novels and a set of five novellas. The hauntingly unique and versatile book bundle contains cozy mystery, traditional mystery, romance, fantasy, time-travel and paranormal novels and novellas.

The book will be released on January 5, 2016, but you can preorder yours for only $0.99 right now.