The Wonder Cats Mysteries

Hiss-tory-of-magic-RelaunchBook 1: A Hiss-tory of Magic

Cath Greenstone, her cousin Bea, and her hippie aunt Astrid live in Wonder Falls, a small town near the mystical Niagara Falls. They run the Brew-Ha-Ha café, and naturally, they’re witches hiding in plain sight along with their three magical cats, Treacle, Peanut Butter, and Marshmallow.

When Brew-Ha-Ha’s baker is burnt to a crisp, along with their beloved café, Aunt Astrid lets out a big family secret: a powerful spell book, a Greenstone heirloom from the Salem days, has been stolen from its secret hiding spot in the café. If it’s fallen into the wrong hands, black magic could destroy not only Wonder Falls but the world.

A secret society… A new detective with a shady past… A once-bullied local returning to town as a multimillionaire. 

Who in town could know Cath’s family secret? Cath, Bea, and Astrid must use their witch powers to uncover the deadly truth. Cath communicates with their cats, also magically inclined, and they help uncover more than one secret lurking in wonderful Wonder Falls.

The first novel in a new cozy mystery series featuring modern-day witches and their magic cats.

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pdwc1Book 2: Pawsitively Dead

When Cath visits her parents’ graves, she finds the dead body of the local hairstylist. What’s even stranger is that she also stumbles upon an older corpse, nearly a skeleton, of a woman who died in 1957. It has been dug up from her grave, but who would do this?

While the police is stumped, Cath, Bea and Aunt Astrid suspect sorcery…necromancy…

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catspells copy

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Book 3: Cat-astrophic Spells

Treacle, Cath’s magical black cat, is missing. Meanwhile, in the mysterious town of Wonder Falls, a beloved chocolatier dies. The police deem the cause a heart attack, but Cath, Bea, and Aunt Astrid know something more sinister is at play. And whoever is out there has Treacle.

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WonderCats-BoxSetBox Set for Book 1-3

From secret societies, necromancy, and even more sinister sightings at play, the Greenstone women must solve these spooky mysteries to keep their beloved town of Wonder Falls safe.

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scarytailebookBook 4: The Scariest Tail

Strange things are happening in Wonder Falls before Halloween. Jake and Blake investigate a death that involves black-eyed kids. The detectives want to believe it’s an urban legend until a couple of these creepy children try to enter the homes of Jake and Min, terrifying them both.

Cath, Bea, and Aunt Astrid trace the source of these demon kids to a secluded mansion in town, where cruel creatures and mysterious events are festering.

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PurrfectGetawayBook 5: Purr-fect Getaway

Not only is Cath heartbroken by Blake, she’s depleted and depressed from saving his life from demonic forces. Bea and Aunt Astrid “kidnap” her to go on a spa weekend outside of Wonder Falls, leaving the cats at home with Jake.

But the Muskox Spa is not the relaxing retreat they envisioned. Ghosts are the least of their worries, however. When two sisters are found dead at the spa, the police arrive, and another strange investigation begins for the Greenstone women.

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Un-fur-tunate-Murders-KindleBook 6: Un-fur-tunate Murders 

Something wicked is feeding off the living in a secluded part of Wonder Falls. In the farmlands, the police find the body of a local named Archie Jones. People jump from “Suicide Bridge” fairly frequently, but the Greenstone witches think something is peculiar about Archie’s death. With no marks on his body and horse tranquilizer in his system, they suspect murder.

When Cath, Bea, and Aunt Astrid visit the farm, however, they discover something more twisted and sinister than plain old human murderers…

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Book 7: Fur-miliar Felines

It’s Christmastime, but something strange and sinister is in the air. Treacle, Cath’s courageous black cat, can’t see what it is, but he feels a dangerous presence out there in the snow-blanketed streets.

Aunt Astrid also feels dark ripples in the dimensions. The Greenstone witches suspect this creature is somehow tied to the disappearance of two high school students. Soon, one of them turns up dead, half-eaten.

The holiday spirit is in full effect in Wonder Falls, but so is a puzzling and gruesome murder mystery.

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17 thoughts on “The Wonder Cats Mysteries

  1. Hi Harper,
    I just finished book 3. I’m ready for book 4!! It took me awhile to get into the first book, book 2 and 3 had me hooked!
    Now I’m wanting to read book 4!
    When will it be out? Can’t wait to read it!!

  2. Already finished the 4th book, and it was amazing! The ending has me dying to read the 5th! Hope it comes out soon! 😍❤️

  3. Just finished Pawsitively Dead and enjoyed it. I think that your stories have a lot of characters to keep up with. I also wanted to mention that you might want to warn readers that the story could be troublesome to people suffering with OCD. Specifically something people have labeled Harm OCD.

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  5. I absolutely love the Wonder Cats Mystery books. I can’t wait for more! I can’t put them down, so please hurry, as I’ve read them all!!I’ve read

  6. Also just finished Book 5 and waiting for Book 6. Really enjoy your books! Helping to keep me sane until the grandkids and their parents move into their own house….just 2 more weeks to go!!!! 8>)

  7. Hi Harper!
    Summer is almost over! I have been reading one mystery book after another. 🙂
    I just added your new Sweets and a Stabbing to my Nook.
    I just received A Spell of Trouble. Is that book 6 in the Wonder Cat series?

    LOVE your stories!

  8. I have read every Nook book of yours. I’m completely hooked on all the series you’ve written!! I just finished the last Wonder Cats book and am eagerly awaiting the next one!!!

  9. I’ve all 5 books in the series. It’s my favorites series to read! Sometimes I forget it’s not​ real, I just get so wrapped up in it! Please write more soon! Can’t​ wait to find out more about Cary’s parents!

  10. I loved, loved, loved reading The Wonder Cat Mysteries! I hope the stories keep coming. When wil number 7 be coming out? I can not wait! Thank you

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